The Directorate of Labour’s Human Resource Policy

The Directorate of Labour’s Human Resource Policy aims at employing, training and maintaining human resources necessary for the directorate to fulfill its purpose and objective as well as reflecting the values of the directorate in its operation. 

The following significant points are meant to contribute to that.

Plan making.

  • Plans for manpower requirements in line with the directorate’s emphasis.
  • Job analysis and job description should exist for all jobs.


  • The recruitment process aims at hiring the most qualified applicant in each instance and following laws and regulations.
  • Recruiters should seek to employ people who are likely to identify with and work in line with the agency's values.
  • The recruitment process shall strengthen the professional image of the directorate and applicants will be informed of their application’s status as soon as possible.

Keep and train good employees:

  • New employees shall be welcomed in such a way that they adapt quickly to the workplace, adopt the necessary practices to do a good job and work towards the directorate’s goals and in line with its values. Efforts shall be made to utilise the knowledge that a new employee possesses in operational development.
  • Supervisors should be conscious of the importance of encouragement and feedback and use it effectively and regularly.
  • Care shall be taken to ensure that employees maintain and develop knowledge and professional skills so that the directorate is always well placed to provide excellent service. An individual development plan shall be made in connection with annual performance reviews.  A special education policy shall exist.
  • Performance reviews shall be held annually. A performance assessment shall be made before the performance reviews which will be discussed by the supervisor and the employee in the performance review.
  • Employees enjoy equal rights regardless of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, political views, religion or nationality. A special gender equality policy shall exist.
  • Efforts shall be made to offer as much flexibility as possible in terms of working hours and the balance of work and private life, without compromising service to external and internal customers.
  • Employees should be encouraged and supported to take care of their own health and lead a healthy lifestyle. Efforts shall be made to ensure that the working environment and working conditions are appealing and safe.  A security plan shall exist.
  • Efforts should be made for the directorate's staff to form a strong team, where communication is characterised by honesty, support and respect. Behaviour which causes others distress and discomfort will not be tolerated.  A special harassment policy shall exist.
  • Wage terms are determined in collective agreements and are also based on individual qualities and special collective agreements between The Directorate of Labour and the respective union. When determining wages, efforts should also be made to look at employees' performance, their ability to resolve issues and knowledge of the subject.

Termination of employment

  • Termination of employment, for whatever reason, should be made in a considerate manner. A termination meeting should be conducted.
  • Colleagues should be given necessary support and information so that they can continue to provide good service to customers.


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