The Directorate of Labour's Information and Promotion Policy

The Directorate of Labour carries out the projects which are assigned to it according to existing laws as well as other projects assigned to it by the Minister of Social Affairs.
The aim of the policy is to:

  • Inform its customers and the public (external information sharing).
  • Inform the board and the staff (internal information sharing).
  • Present the directorate in an organized and a consistent way.
  • Build a good image and trust in its operation.

External presentation and information


The Directorate of Labour gives good access to information about the matters and projects assigned to the directorate. The directorate gathers, processes and publishes statistics on labour market measures such as unemployment and available resources. The directorate presents its projects and operation in a consistent and visible manner.


The Directorate of Labour’s website ( has a key role in providing information to customers and other interested parties.
The directorate holds an annual general meeting and issues an annual report where information can be obtained about the directorate’s operation.
Reports on labour market issues and the success of various labour market measures are accessible on the directorate’s website and the directorate also initiates promotional meetings for other unaffiliated parties.
Providing information to the media, affiliated parties, agencies, companies and public entities.
Participation in meetings, conferences and other events connected to the directorate’s operations. The directorate uses social media in a consistent manner to share information.


The Director General is responsible for the directorate’s information sharing and appears on its behalf, or the Assistant Director General in the absence of the Director General.
The Director General gives the directorate’s presentation team the task of executing the information policy based on a detailed description.
The Webmaster is responsible for the directorate’s website.

Internal information sharing


The goal of internal information sharing is to inform employees about the directorate’s operations and its projects.


Providing information to employees is executed as follows:

  • By providing information via Workplace, the internal social media web for employees.
  • Information is also provided in department/division meetings and staff meetings.
  • Information on the processes of the directorate’s projects can be found in the quality handbook.
  • In morning meetings on Tuesdays and afternoon meetings on Fridays which is a platform for giving information to employees on various matters related to the directorate in one way or the other.


The Supervisory Board (Department Managers and the Director General) is responsible for providing information to employees.
Each employee is responsible for providing information on Workplace, the employees’ internal social media web.
The Department Manager of Information Technology and Research reviews the policy in October with experts in the field.


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