Privacy protection on the internet.

When you visit the Directorate of Labour’s website, information will be created about your visit. The Directorate of Labour does not share it with others except regulatory bodies according to legal obligations. 

The use of cookies

So called cookies (a special file placed in a user’s computer who visits a website which stores information about the visit) are not used on the website.  

The Directorate of Labour's policy is to use cookies sparingly and in a responsible manner. The website’s users can of course set their browser in such a way that it will let you know about cookies or decline them. 

The Directorate of Labour uses Siteimprove for web analytics. For each website visit a few details are recorded, such as time and date, keyword, from which website you enter and type of browser and operating system. This information can be used to improve the web and its development, for instance to analyse the content users most frequently look for and more. No further information is collected about each visit, and no attempts are made to connect such information to other personally identifiable information.

SSL certificates

The website uses SSL certificates which means that all communication are on encrypted platforms. It makes the transfer of data more secure.

SSL certificates prevent criminals from obtaining data that are sent to the website, like for instance passwords. With SSL certificates the information sent on the web from user to user is coded and the data transfer process is secured.

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On the website it is possible to write a comment on what could be improved on the website. Users can leave their email in order to receive instructions, or they can request further information. These registrations are kept for at least six months in the web content management system. Files of them are copied regularly, e-mail addresses are deleted and the comments are stored in a file system (case file)

Email to Web content management

You can send an email to the web content management, and make comments regarding the website. These emails are not stored.

Links to other websites

On the Directorate of Labour’s website are a few links to other authorities’ websites, organizations and company websites. The Directorate of Labour’s rules on user safety do not apply outside its website. The Directorate of Labour is not responsible for content or reliability of those websites. References to them does not mean that The Directorate of Labour supports or adheres to anything which is published on them.


Even though the aim is to have the information on the Directorate of Labour’s website correct and in accordance to recent developments, this is not always possible to guarantee.  This also applies to references and links to content outside the web.

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