The labour market in January 2017

Registered unemployment was 3,0% in January 2017 or up from 2,3% í December 2016, and up from 2,9% in January 2016. There were in average 5.200 unemployed in January 2017 or up with 1.281 from December 2016.

Unemployment by gender:
The unemployment by men was 2,7% in January 2017, or up from 2,0% in December 2016.  The unemployment by women was 3,4% in January 2017 or up from 2,7% in December 2016.

 The unemployment by young people:
There were 773 young, aged 18-24 years unemployed in January 2017 or up from 570 in December 2016 but down from 831 in January 2016.

The long term unemployed:
There were 915 long term unemployed (over 1 year) in January 2017 or up from 905 in December 2016.

Open vacancies:
There were 178 open vacancies at the end of January 2017, but during January companies had 234 open vacancies.

Work permits:
There were 41 new work permits issued in January 2017 or up with 16 new work permits from December 2016.

The unemployment forecast for February 2017:
The seamen´s strike ended in the second half of February.  It is expected that the unemployment figures in February 2017 will be influenced by this strike and will be between 3,0% and 3,3%. 

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