Important instructions regarding the responsibility and role of administrators

In the portal for administrators the entire application process regarding employment contracts is conducted.  There the administrator registers with a user name and a password provided by The Directorate of Labour.

Requirements for an employment contract for the disabled

1. The individual must be employed in the labour market.
2. They must have a valid disability assessment, receive rehabilitation pension or less than 50% of disability grant payments.
3. The individual must receive payments from The Social Insurance Administration.
4.  If wages, including all bonus payments are higher than 861.513.- per month (average monthly wages based on one year), then payments from The Social Insurance Administration will be depleted and consequently reimbursement payments to the employer regarding each employment contract for the disabled.

The administrator is responsible for:

  • Obtaining a signed authorization from an individual to be permitted to apply for an employment contract and scanning the authorization via the administrator's portal.
  • Applying for an employment contract and ensuring that the information regarding the application is correct. An application for an employment contract must be submitted via the administrator’s portal in the same month as the contract of employment takes effect. Please note that retroactive employment contracts cannot be made.
  • Wages are according to collective agreements.
  • You apply for an employment contract in the private or public sector of the labour market. Criteria: anyone can apply for the job.
  • The workplace facilities shall meet the standards of hygiene and security.
  • Working facilities and workload shall be in accordance with the employee's abilities.

Employment contracts shall be renewed or terminated as applicable.

    • Reimbursements include fixed wages but in special circumstances they also include overtime, bonuses, and premium pay provided that it is stated in the application for an employment contract.
    • Wages need to updated when a contract comes up for renewal.
    • Increase in wages according to collective agreements must be guaranteed for individuals (e.g. general pay rises, age-related pay rises).
    • A new employment contract must be applied for if the employment ratio has increased.
    • Individuals must be instructed in submitting a new and correct income plan to The Social Insurance Administration when their income changes.

Inquiries can be sent to the email address:

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