Announcement and arrangement of maternity/paternity leave

It is important that employees inform their employers in a timely manner about their maternity/paternity leave, and the parties decide its arrangement since maternity/paternity leave is a right to a leave of absence from paid employment. 

Announcement and arrangement of maternity/paternity leave

Employees who plan to use their entitlement to a maternity/paternity leave shall inform their employer as soon as possible or a least 8 weeks prior to the planned birth date of the child. If a parent wants to change the date which was originally announced, it shall be done 8 weeks prior to the new planned date. Click here to obtain the report form 

An employee shall have the right to take the entire maternity/paternity leave in one period. By agreement with their employer, it is though permitted to divide the leave into periods and/or take it alongside reduced employment ratio. Maternity/paternity leave can though never be taken for a period less than two weeks at a time. The mother shall be on maternity/paternity leave the first two weeks after birth of a child. 

If employers cannot accept the employees’ proposed arrangement of maternity/paternity leave, they shall, after reaching an agreement on other arrangements, notify of them within one week. This shall be done in writing and reasons specified for the new arrangement. If parties do not reach an agreement, employees always have the right to take their entire maternity/paternity leave from the start date they decide. 


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