Benefit entitlement period  

Jobseekers may be entitled to unemployment benefits for a total of 30 months from the date that they apply for benefits from The Directorate of Labour. Suspension periods or penalties are considered as part of the period. The full benefit entitlement is utilized even when paid alongside partial employment ratio and incidental illness.  

The time that an individual is employed and deregistered from the unemployment registry is not considered part of their benefit period. Furthermore, the time that unemployment benefits are retained is considered part of the period. 

If a jobseeker fully utilises their 30-month benefit period, they can earn a new period by working in the domestic labour market. 

To earn a new 30-month benefit period after the previous period has been fully utilised, two conditions must be met: 

  1. 24 months must have passed from the time the jobseeker last received unemployment benefits. 
  1. Jobseekers must have worked in the labour market for at least 6 months since they last received unemployment benefits. Their employment ratio must be 25% or more. 

If the individual fully utilises their 30-month benefit period, two years must have lapsed before they can be again entitled to unemployment benefits. In the two-year period, they must have worked for at least 6 months. 

Read more about a new benefit period if the previous period is fully utilized.  

Article 30 of Act no. 54/2006 on Unemployment Insurance prescribes the renewal of a period during which unemployment benefits are paid. According to the provision, an individual who has received unemployment benefits for a total of three years can regain his right within the unemployment insurance system after 24 months, provided that they have worked in the labour market for at least six months after completing their previous benefit entitlement period and lost their job for valid reasons. 

A jobseeker can earn a new benefit period even if they have not fully utilised their 30-month benefit period. To earn the right to a new 30-month benefit period during the previous period, the jobseeker must work continuously for at least two years. 

If an individual for instance, is paid unemployment benefits for one year but then works continuously for two years, they have earned a new 30-month benefit period if they apply for unemployment benefits again. 

Read more about a new benefit period if the previous period is not fully utilised. 

Article 31 Act no. 54/2006 on Unemployment Insurance prescribes the commencement of a new period before the previous period is fully utilised. It states that a new periodaccording to Article 29 of the Act, commences when the insured jobseeker reapplies for unemployment benefits at The Directorate of Labour after having worked continuously in the domestic labour market for at least 24 months since they were last paid unemployment benefits. In other respects, the provisions of Chapters III. and IV. on the conditions of the insured's unemployment insurance are valid, as applicable. 

  • Jobseekers who receive payments for unpaid leave at the end of their employment  all unused paid vacation days must be allocatedVacation days from previous holiday periods must be completed before unemployment benefits are paid. If leave is not allocated, it is registered from the commencement date of the benefit application. 
  • Jobseekers who are paid severance pay - Unemployment benefits can be applied for at the end of the period to which the severance pay applies. 
  • Students in studies that are not labour market measures. 
  • Students between semesters and / or school levels. 
  • Those who receive accident or sickness benefits due to full incapacity to work. 
  • Those who are paid a rehabilitation pension. 
  • Those who receive payments during maternity/paternity leave. 
  • Those who receive payments for chronically ill or severely disabled children. 
  • Those who quit their jobs during a strike or an employer's lockout. 
  • Those who are deprived of their liberty by a court or ruling or serve a sentence in community service. 
  • Those who work as contractors - the applicant must deregister during the period of the project / work. 

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