Travel Guides and Group Leaders from countries outside of the European Economic Area, EFTA or the Faeroe Islands

Please be informed that Travel Guides and Group Leaders, from countries outside the European Economic Area are prohibited from working in Iceland without having first obtained a temporary work permit in accordance with Act No. 97/2002 on Foreign Nationals Right to Work.

Furthermore, individuals who are citizens of countries outside the EEA are prohibited to work in Iceland as self-employed contractors, per Article 6 of Act No. 97/2002 on Foreign Nationals Right to Work.

Foreign nationals commencing employment before they have been granted a work permit according to the above legislation, may result in their work permit applications being declined and such actions may lead to the foreign national or the employer being imposed with fines or imprisonment for up to two years. This is applicable regardless if the intended period of employment in Iceland is short or long-term.

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