Practical advice  

While we are living uncertain times, it is important that we make realistic plans and goals about our job search. It is also important that we tend to our mental and physical health. It is quite normal to feel anxious and even to be depressed at times like these 

Those are normal feelings when we are facing an unknown threat. It is important not to let those feelings take over and to take daily measures in dealing with negative feelings.  

Here you can find some practical advice to help you in your job search:

Job search:

Be organised in your job search. An active job search can be time consuming, so you need to manage your time well. For example, you could use a certain amount of time each day for your job search and then spend the rest of the day doing something you enjoy, go out for a walk or-, meeting with friends. Also, you need to tend to your physical health, to sleep well and maintain a healthy diet. Think about what jobs you would like to work and where. You can be proactive in your job search and contact the companies that you are interested in working for directly.   

You might also consider taking available jobs in other parts of the country and being open to new and different possibilities is necessary at these times.  

Consider looking into job offers that are different from what you usually search for. It might not be your dream job, but it could open interesting possibilities.  


Check if your CV is up to date. 

The CV is your first direct communication with a potential employer and your chance to make a good impression. It is therefore important to spend time and effort on the presentation and content of your CV.  

Here are examples and templates:  

CV template 1

CV template 2

CV template 3

Introduction letter:

Along with your CV you should prepare an introduction letter which contains information about yourself, your skills and why you are interested in working for the company in question 

Each job application requires you adapt your introduction letter and possibly your CV so make sure your information is up to date and accurate.  

Job interview:

The job interview is an important step in your job search. Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for a job interview.  

Review the job description 

Research the company thoroughly 

Prepare for the questions you might be asked and prepare your own questions for the employer.  

Nowadays, it is common for a job interview to be held online. You can prepare yourself by familiarizing yourself with the technology and you could practice with your friends or family members.  


Search for jobs online. Here is a link to a websites and recruitment agencies where you are able to view employment vacancies and register as a job seekerOn the directorate’s website you are also able access a list of employment vacancies

Here are a few questions for you to think about:

What are your biggest challenges while searching for employment? 

Who in your network can be of help and assistance with taking the next steps? It could be a good idea to map out your network of friends, colleagues or fellow students. Networking has proven to be a major factor when getting a job.

How did you get your jobs in the past? Can you use these techniques today? 

What is going to help you to be your best? 

Is this the time to learn something new? Would you like to study or train yourself for new opportunities? 

What challenges are you facing in your personal life now? 

Being active is the key! People who are unemployed long term tend to isolate socially, feel melancholy or even depressed.  


Training and studies:

The Directorate of Labour offers courses and training; here are some examples.  

CV and job search 

The directorate subsidises 75% of job search related courses, up to 80.000 krona for each course, providing that certain conditions are fulfilled. 


Job counsellors now offer consultation via phone or video call.  You can book an appointment here.

Our counsellors are able to provide you with advice regarding your job search, training or study possibilities. 

We look forward to talking with you and assisting you with your job search! 

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