Increased parental leave entitlement

In certain circumstances, parents earn an entitlement for a longer maternity/paternity leave or permission to extend their entitlement to a maternity/paternity leave. 

Multiple births

For each child born alive or stillborn after 22 weeks of pregnancy, the parents’ joint entitlement to a maternity/paternity leave is extended by 3 months. The same applies for primary adoption or permanent care of each additional child at the same time. 

Safety and health in workplaces

If the safety and health of a pregnant woman who is employed is endangered according to a special assessment, and it is not possible to ensure her safety and must therefor be granted leave of absence from work, she may be entitled to longer maternity leave at that time. 

The employer must have though already tried to change the working conditions temporarily and/or the employees’ work schedule or given them other projects. If that is not possible or attempts have fallen short, the employee can apply for a longer maternity leave. 

Documents to be submitted in addition to basic application documents: 

  1. A certificate and an employer’s reasoning for giving a pregnant woman a leave of absence due to safety and health issues in workplaces. 
  2. Certificate of expected date of delivery. 

Mother’s illness during pregnancy

Should it become necessary for a pregnant woman to cease paid employment due to health reasons relating to the pregnancy or withdraw from participation in the labour market according to entitlement to unemployment benefits more than a month before the expected date of delivery, she can be entitled to a longer maternity leave for that time, although never for more than 2 months. 

Health reasons refer to: 

  1. Illnesses arising due to the pregnancy and causing incapacity to work. 
  2. Illnesses, temporary or prolonged, which worsen during pregnancy and cause incapacity to work. 
  3. Preventative treatment to prevent premature birth or to protect the fetus’ health, in which case the treatment causes incapacity to work. 

Documents to be submitted in addition to basic application documents: 

  1. Medical certificate due to mother’s illness. 
  2. Employment termination certificate due to illness of mother during pregnancy. 

Illness suffered in connection with birth

Should the mother become seriously ill after birth as a consequence of the birth itself, and for that reason she has become unable to take care of her child during the maternity leave at the opinion of a specialist doctor, she is entitled to an extended maternity leave for up to 2 months. 

Necessary documents to be submitted: 

  1. Medical certificate due to mother’s illness. 

Illness or disability of a child

Parents are permitted to extend their joint entitlement to a maternity/paternity leave for up to 7 months in the case of a child's serious illness or a severe disability where greater care is required of the parent. 

Necessary documents to be submitted: 

  1. A certificate due to a child’s serious illness and/or disability. 

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