How to prepare during volcanic eruption

Volcanic eruptions are rather frequent in Iceland. Usually, volcanoes in Iceland do not erupt suddenly without warning.

in Case of an eruption The Directorate of Labor has developed an evacuation plan and sheltering plan for all asylum seekers living in our shelters.

Please review the information and make sure everyone in your family/group understands it. You can do many things to prepare yourself and your family for the inconveniences a volcanic eruption can cause.

The best way to do protect yourself and your family is to follow the advice of local officials. The service center and security guards on site will provide you with information on how to prepare, and if necessary, on how to evacuate (leave the area) or take shelter where you are.

How to prepare

Prepare an emergency bag

  • Prepare an emergency bag and mark it with your name.
  • Make sure you include your medicine,
  • The bedding that you have been provided upon arrival, clothes, toothbrush, important documents, and other essential items not listed.
  • Please note that in the case of evacuation you are not supposed to bring any large items or suitcases.
  • Important phone numbers should be written on paper and included in the bag (in case your phone turns off).

Keep your windows closed and fill a bottle of water for each family member

  • We need to be prepared for interruption in water supply, which could result in a temporary loss of heating.
  • In the case of a disruption in hot water supply, security guards will set up „warm areas“ in each building where people can gather for heat.
  • In case of a loss of cold-water supply please be aware that the warm water in our tabs can get extremely hot, make sure you and your children do not turn on the tabs if the cold water is shut off.

In case of a blackout

  • Security guards in each shelter will provide each room with a flashlight that is to be returned to the security guard when the blackout is over.
  • Disconnect all electric devices to avoid damage.
  • In case of a blackout, you will be provided with food deliveries.

Good to know

  • Security guards will provide flashlights and batteries during blackout.
  • Keep windows closed.
  • Be careful with water tabs, water may be hot.

Emergency bag checklist

  • Medicine
  • Important documents
  • Clothes
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Bedding
  • Bottles of water
  • Other essential items

What if I get a text about evacuation?

The Directorate of Labor will provide transport and shelter

  • You will be notified via text message about departure time
  • Departure location will be in front of the main entrance of your building.
  • Bring all your family members and emergency bags to the lobby and wait for pickup.
  • If possible, help others who may require special assistance – infants, elderly, disabled

What if I am not on site?

  • If you are not  located near your shelter at the time of evacuation, contact your nearest Asylum seeker service center.
  • We will contact security to arrange your emergency bag to be picked up and transport you to the nearest shelter.
  • If you have a place to stay in case of an evacuation, just let us know where you will be staying so we know you are safe.


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