Technical literacy and computer skills; work environment of today

In a world where technological change is rapid, the need for people to upgrade their computer skills and technical literacy is becoming more and more important and urgent for people in the labor market to develop their skills in the field. This 42 hour course is both for people that have little or no knowledge and skills in the field and for those that have skills but want to learn more. Upon completion of the course, the person attending will have acquired knowledge and skills that promote a positive attitude towards equipment and information technology, in addition to having strengthened their basic knowledge and skills in information technology. The key is that those who attend the course gain increased confidence in their own ability to work in a digital environment and can thus keep up with innovations in the world of technology. In addition to general technical skills and literacy, the course covers operating systems, cloud solutions, automation an artificial intelligence, security awareness as well as teleworking and distance learning. The program is set up in such a way that it will be easy to adapt it to different activities, industries or situation in the world of work, and technological advances and changes that take place at any given time are taken into account. 

The course takes place Monday to Thursday 13:00 - 16:00 from 22 of May to the 13th of June.

Framvegis - center for continuing education, organizes the course.

Course registration is made by email 

It is important to write the name of the course, name and ID number of the participant.

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