Matsbraut for non-native Icelandic speakers

Duration: This course has a duration time of four to eight weeks. The full program is eight
weeks. A person's participation is considered satisfactory if he/she/they manage to attend
and participate according to their individualized schedule.
Pre-demands: Some proficiency in either Icelandic or English.
Number of participants: 10 individuals per course.
Main goal: To increase daily activity, a realistic assessment of a person's position regarding
work and Icelandic language skills.
Description of the program:
The main purpose of the course is to mobilize the participants in daily life and activities. The
program aims to strengthen the identity of the participants and promote a positive attitude
towards studies and/or work. The approach is individual, and the content is varied.
At the beginning of the service, there is an interview with an employee from Matsbraut and
at the end, a report is returned to the referring consultant/partner with a proposal for the
next steps.
The course includes:
Work ethic/attitude towards work: Is the individual attending, if not, does he/she report
Cooperation/adaptability/communication: Training in conversation in Icelandic in different
situations. Discussing an interesting topic that appeals to the group, can be a current topic or
something that is trending on social media.
Practical tips for increasing activity: What factors influence occupational skills, health, and
quality of life? An occupational therapist guides and encourages participants to increase
Mental health/exercise: Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and outdoors/hiking. Adapted to the
composition of the group each time.
Self-empowerment: Increasing belief in one's own abilities. Demeanor (appearance), selfesteem, body language and voice.
Guidance counselor: Individual help with creating CVs.

Hringsjá, organizes the course.

Course registration is made by email It is important to write the name of the course, name and ID number of the participant.

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