Study grants for job related courses

The Directorate of Labour offers grants (námsstyrkur) which can be used for courses to develop skills which could increase your chances in the job market. The grant is 80.000 kr. per year, but never more than 75% of the total cost of the course. 

To be able to apply for this grant you need to have a confirmed application for unemployment benefits. 

Applications for a study grant must be submitted at least 5 working days before the course’s commencement date to ensure that the application has been processed before the course begins.

This grant can be used for the training to receive drivers license C, D, CE, but not for category B

Further to this grant an individual might have earned an educational fund with their labour union.

Examples of eligible courses

  • Bookkeeping course 
  • Heavy vehicle license
  • Heavy machinery license 
  • Seamen's accident prevention school 
  • A self-help course that is not paid for in full by The Directorate of Labour 
  • Management course 


  • Approved application for unemployment benefits. 
  • The course will strengthen you in your job search, in the opinion of The Directorate of Labour’s counsellors. 
  • The program is not creditable (i.e. we do not subsidise tuition fees at secondary school or university level).
  • The application is submitted before the course starts. 
  • You have not fully exercised your right to a study grant earlier in the year. 
  • You can only get a grant for each course, once.
  • It is required that the course be run by an approved educational provider or an expert in their field, in the opinion of The Directorate of Labour. 

Obligations during the course:

  • Be actively seeking employment and ready to accept a job if it offered. 
  • Confirm monthly that you are seeking employment. 
  • Attend meetings, interviews, and other things that The Directorate of Labour may request you to attend. 

What do you need to do to apply for a study grant?

  • You need to submit an application for a study grant and it must be accompanied by a course description, course schedule and payment receipt for the course. 

Where do you submit the study grant application?

The application and the accompanying documents are submitted via email to:

When you have paid for the course, you send a payment receipt through My Pages and notify it to the email address

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